Monday, June 28, 2010

Save a bear -- keep idiots out of the wilderness!

Yesterday it was reported that a woman who was camping in the Sandia mountains was attacked by a bear and drug out of her tent.  She managed to free herself by punching the bear in the nose and from my understanding was not seriously injured.  This immediately was strange to me because there is no camping allowed in the Sandia mountains and there are signs all over telling you that it is for picnics only and listing the times the area is closed.  As it turns out, I was right no camping was allowed, but that isn't the thing that makes these people (there was a man too) idiots -- the reason the bear tore open the tent was because they had food in it!  Thanks to these idiots the bear was shot dead (which is what happens to bears that attack humans for any reason) and their dog is also dead having been killed by the bear.  These assholes are getting off with only being charged with improper food storage, even though they were camping somewhere that camping is not allowed and caused two deaths.  It makes me think that people need to pass some sort of test before they are allowed to leave the city and spend the night in the mountains, even in a real camping area.  Properly storing your food is camping 101, it isn't some advanced knowledge and most 6 year olds even know that.

Sorry for the rant, it just really made me angry.

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Regan Lee said...

Sad story, once again we have animals paying for the sheer stupidity of humans.