Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sad but not uncommon

Saturday when we went to my nephews birthday party we met these two adorable cats.  My niece and her husband rent a mobile home and these cats had been living beneath it.  They feed them whenever possible, but they are both without a job right now and have two children to support.  Yesterday (mother's day) one of the cats had 5 kittens and the other one is in labor according to Jayme.  I am trying to find a rescue group to take them, but there are none I can find where she lives in the Belen/Valencia county area.  I have contacted PACA, which is the group I adopted one of my cats from.  Obviously, Jayme does not want to call animal control because we know these cats and kittens would end up being killed.  Valencia County is a poor county and their animal services are overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed because of situations like this.  Situation where some asshole adopted a cat, didn't get it fixed and then simply moved out leaving it behind, these are kittens of previous cats that animal control "cleared out" that are now having their own kittens.  They suffer and these tiny babies suffer too:

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